Cleaning Tips

Proper care and routine maintenance is the key to keeping stainless steel clean and preserving its sheen.

Always use a clean microfibre cloth and warm water, remembering to wipe the surface in the direction of the grain, followed by a dry microfibre cloth to prevent water marks. For areas with baked on stains, try using warm soapy water with a mild detergent.

Always avoid using steel wool or scourers. As they are typically made of carbon steel, fragments of which will rust onto the stainless steel surface. It will also create fine scratches, spoil the finish and lose its shine.

Polishing stainless steel with oil based cleaners will assist to repel finger prints and restore its lustrous appearance.

Cleaning Products

Selleys BBQ Exterior Clean and Shine 250ml

Specifically formulated to clean the non-cooking parts of your BBQ and lay down an invisible layer of unique active ingredients that work to repel BBQ grease, grime and gunk, making cleaning much easier.

Selleys BBQ Grease and grime Cleaner

The fastest acting product in the range, developed to cut through grease and grime in just 2 minutes! The powerful formula leaves hotplates and grills spotlessly clean, removing even stubborn stains.

Hillmark Ezi Cloth Microfiber Appliance Cleaner (45cm x 50cm)

A premium Microfibre cloth for cleaning appliances.

Selleys BBQ Tough Clean 400g

BBQ Tough Clean is a cleaner for hot plates on BBQ’s taking away built up grime on the hot plate and grill.

Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes

BBQ tough wipes are a strong absorbent cloth. The nodules on the cloth take away the built up grime. BBQ wipes are great for quickly cleaning up after each BBQ.

Hillmark Steelkleen Eziwipes Packet of 10

Moist towlette impregnated with Steel Kleen. They leave a thin invisible protective layer that helps repel stains and marks.

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